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Canada x Reader: Pillsbury Doughboy

You sighed as you continued flipping rapidly through the many pointless channels on television.
Nothing to watch on a Sunday.
'No surprise there.'
You sighed once again as you stopped on a random channel, folding your arms across your chest in a very bored manner.
"_____? Would you like some pancakes?" A kind, gentle voice suddenly called from over by the kitchen.
"Have I ever turned down one of your luscious and super scrumptious pancakes before, Mattie?"
"I guess not..." He murmured quietly, smiling to himself since he had someone enjoy his breakfast so very much.
Seeing how your question answered his question, your eyes soon darted back to the screen, which was currently playing a commercial.
Normally you hated commercials, but not when one so adorable and precious as this one was playing.
You smiled as you watched the Pillsbury Doughboy stand by some chocolate chip cookies being baked and advertised. Soon getting a soft poke to his Pillsbury tummy,
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Norway x Reader: Shaving Situation
Humming to yourself quietly, you watched as the pure white foam vanished from one side of your skin as you ran the bladed contraption over it.
You had begun erasing the soft fluff lathered across another area on your leg and were just about to bring the razor to finish up your work when you noticed the door handle turn on its own. Or so you would've liked.
You froze as a certain mysterious blond casually walked right in all of a sudden. You paused, noticing his hair usually kept to the side by his clip, free of the accessory and notably tussled above his eyes. You liked seeing his bangs in their natural state, it was a rare sight that brought a playful and lively look to Lukas.
Thinking back to the current situation at hand, you snapped out of it. Getting out of your hunched shaving position, you stood straight from your spot at the bath tub.
“Lukas, haven’t you heard of ‘privacy’..? Surely you of all people would understand it."
“Sorry.” He said pla
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Italy Brothers x Little sister!Reader (Request)
The sounds of children laughing and music being played heavily tuned out the string of Italian curse words currently being muttered by an angry, hazel-eyed fellow.
Completely red-faced from anger and embarrasment due to being at Chuck E. Cheese's and fully surrounded by kids, he continued to swear under his breath.
"Cheer up, Lovino!" Feliciano urged, placing an encouraging hand on his shoulder.
Shaking his brother's hand angrily off his shoulder, he scowled even more.
"How can I cheer up when I'm stuck in this hellhole?!"
"But look how much fun _____ is having." He gestured to you standing a few feet away in awe.
Lovino glanced at you, noticing how delighted you looked with a bright smile plastered across your face.
Despite his best efforts, he couldn't stop the urge to smile at this, which soon won over his control as the corners of his mouth tugged upwards at the cute sight.
Turning your attention to your two older brothers, you soon dashed over to them full of excitement.
"Feli! Lo
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Trajeon and Myleon by JazzberryJinx Trajeon and Myleon :iconjazzberryjinx:JazzberryJinx 5 4
Happy V-day, Norway~
Light, azure eyes,
So deep in thought.
Soft, blond hair,
Fallen in tidy, neat locks,
Swept to the side,
Pinned by a cross.
Never had we fought,
only converse in meaningful talks.
Wearing a navy, blue coat
adorned with an adorable hat.
Beside it lies an enchanted hair curl
that can magically float.
Dressed like a sailor
So charming, I may need an inhaler.
You give off an aura of so much mystery,
I just want to sit down and learn all of your history.
Although left to always ponder,
I can’t help but be fascinated and in wonder.
So tricky it is to unlock the depths of your mind.
How challenging it is to crack open the case.
And yet,
your heart sends the clear message
Of what a gentle person you are,
so thoughtful and kind.
The way you can be so passive and calm.
Sit so silent
But in a matter of seconds, become a bit violent.
The way you fend
from an annoying Dane,
amuses me to no end.
When caught gazing upon your face,
my heart would flutter,
my heart would race.
Just like yours
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Parent!Canada x Child!Reader: A Colorful Breakfast
-Cough- *sniffle* -Cough-
You continued making these little sickly sounds as you groggily looked up, the living room appearing to be dimmer by the second. Feeling very drowsy and tired, your eyelids began to close more and more on their own and you let your legs dangle limply as your carrier opened the door and brought you inside, signaling that you were almost to your destination.
Delicately lying you down onto your bed and tucking you under the soft, cotton sheets, the gentle blond settled down beside you as he took in the sight in front of him.
Red nose, coughing fits, constant drowsiness--
He lightly brought his hand over to your currently warm forehead but pulled back rather quickly.
-And make that a high temperature that could cook pancakes in no time.
"Oh maple" He finally murmured under his breath and continued to look down at you worriedly.
You sniffled as you peered back up and let out additional coughs that made your throat ache m
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Canada x Reader: Niagara Falls
'All done.' You smiled as you zipped up your beige colored bag. Putting away your last piece of luggage, you sighed as you stepped into the car and started the ignition, only just beginning your exciting drive.
You were headed to Niagara Falls!
You smiled as you checked your rear-view mirrors, backing out of the driveway and soon drove out of your neighborhood to miles way beyond. Your friends, Alfred and Matthew, received a short vacation from work a few days ago and decided they should go out somewhere for the weekend. However, they couldn't decide for the love of Feliciano's pasta on where to go for a trip as Alfred kept suggesting places like Gotham City, or Las Vegas, or even McDonald's.  
After a while, you finally came up with an idea to which they both settled on; Niagara Falls. They agreed since it was on the borderline of their homelands and they happily invited you to tag along with them on the soon-to-be very pleasant trip.
You were really eager to see the mystica
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Ireland x Reader: Kiss Me, I'm Irish
"Ah…" a content sigh escaped your lips as you took another sip of your morning coffee. The completely full mug was coated with Irish Coffee Crème that you just found so delicious and pure, its rich taste flowed as smoothly as silk. You picked up the green container it came from and began pouring more of it into your morning cup of coffee.
Reaching out for the morning newspaper, your eyes scanned through an important detail printed at the very top.
March 17th
Today was a special day today. Not only was it obviously St. Patrick's Day, it was also the anniversary of the day you first met your Irish boyfriend. You smiled fondly as the sweet memory flashed through your mind.
The long grass tips brushed against your bare ankles as you wandered down the meadow freely, allowing the soft breezes in the air to stroke your arms and legs gently, as well as the very tip of your nose. You smiled brightly as you spotted a rainbow arched across the sky, each color casted
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America X Reader: Up to Some Mischief
"Haha dude, that was so funny!" Your overly energetic friend laughed contagiously as you both watched an old man being chased by a wild goose.
"Yeah, it was..." You giggled along while wiping a tear from your eye.
You were both watching reruns of 'America's Funniest Home Videos' over at your house now and watching it with Alfred just made each clip ten times funnier than it already was.
"Hey, Alfie?"
"I'll be right back.." Alfred nodded as you got up from your couch and excused yourself.
He watched you make your way over to the hallway and soon trail off from there, shifting his attention back to the commercial on TV.
Instantly becoming bored and impatient watching it, Al's light blue eyes started staring around the room. They soon widened once they noticed a small detail present in the living room.A mischievous smile broke across his face as he took action upon it.
"Hey Alfie~" You smiled as you return back to the living room a few minutes later. Unbeknownst to you, your best
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America X Reader: Morning Yoga
'I'm on top of a large mountain… Warm breezes tickling my face…. The sun is shining down upon me…-'
In reality you were sitting on a hard wooden floor, practicing yoga. You didn't normally do this but since your blood pressure had gone up quite a bit recently you decided it would make you calmer and at ease, and that's definitely what you needed right now.
Suddenly you felt an abrupt disturbance as a soft finger poked you right in the cheek.
"What is it, Al?" you asked as calmly as you could muster.
"______, can we play (favorite video game)??"
"Sorry, I'm in the middle of my morning yoga.."
"Since when do you do morning yoga..?"
"Since you've been driving me crazy with some of your insane antics." You answered flatly.  "I need some peace at least once in a while.." You could already envision a hurt puppy dog expression spread across Al's face even with your eyes closed shut. You loved your boyfriend, Al, you really did but lately he's been driving y
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Librarian!England x Shy!Reader: I Spy
'No sign of him yet.'  You bit your lip and sighed. Gazing up, you stared at the clock, waiting for him to arrive. After making a few circles back and forth along the old carpet floor, you finally looked up to your satisfaction to find the charming Brit walking over towards you. You've both set up an appointment to meet up here at the very last section of the library, where people, including faculty barely visited. It was like your secret place to escape to, purely vacant asking to serve some purpose and here was the perfect one.
"Sorry to keep you waiting love.." The blond approached you closer.
"I was starting to think you wouldn't show up, you're never late.." you raised an eyebrow and questioned the gentleman before you.
"I'm sorry, I had to take care of something at the last minute but I'm here now…"
"And that's all that matters…"
That was the end of your small conversation as you felt yourself pressed against the shelf with little force. You stared up at a pai
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Canada x Reader: A Syrupy Sickness
-Sniffle sniffle-  *cough*
You could hear him all the way from upstairs. Your boyfriend had been sick for the past week and you vowed to him and yourself to take care of him until he was back to feeling well again. You couldn't help but think how cute he was, trying desperately to hide his coughs and sneezing from you; not wanting to worry you at all.
You suddenly heard footsteps coming from upstairs and saw the adorable Canadian himself with a red and white Canadian flag blanket wrapped over his body and fuzzy polar bear slippers on his feet. He walked over to where you were standing in the kitchen and mustered a smile, even though you knew how sick he's been feeling.
You reached for a teaspoon over the counter and started filling it up with maple syrup.
"Here's some of your medicine, Mattie."  You giggled as you turned around to playfully spoon feed him a quick sample of the sweet syrup before pouring it over some pancakes you made for him.
You knew how much panca
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America x Reader: Special Delivery
It was Friday night and you were cuddled snuggly on the couch, getting ready to watch (fave comedy movie) on tv. You wanted to invite Al to come over and watch with you but he said he had to go to his job. Whenever you asked him about his job, he'd always brush it off and change the subject, leaving you suspicious. 'I wonder what kind of job he could possibly be hiding….' you giggled as some funny ideas popped into your head. You soon went over to go search through your fridge for some late night snacks.
'Can't watch the movie without any food..' you thought to yourself as you rummaged through the entire refrigerator and freezer, spotting absolutely nothing. 'Guess I'll just order some pizza then.'
Picking up your cell, you started dialing the number and called to have some pizza delivered to your house. The person on the other line promised to have it over there soon and you thanked him, hanging up the phone and heading back to the couch.
15 minutes later into the movie you were
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Japan x MewMew!Reader: Part 2
"Welcome to Café Mew Mew." Kiku smiled as he showed you around the café.
"Woah…" you murmured as you walked around, examining the whole place.
There were small chairs circling around each table, the back of each chair shaped like a heart.  
Lots and lots of girly heart decorations were scattered across the walls as well as other parts of the café
and the ceiling hung way above your head, you just couldn't believe how huge this café even was.
But the thing that caught your eye the most were the fancy pastries delicately placed on some of the tables. There were slices of cakes and other desserts that looked so delicious, just begging to be eaten by you.
"So adorable!" you finally squealed into your fists as you finished observing the café.
"I'm glad you like it, ____." Kiku smiled and held out a box towards you. "Please try on your official uniform; it will be required for working here at the café."
You looked at the box, a bit confused. "I..I
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Japan x Reader: A game of pokemon
It was a nice sunny afternoon and you were getting ready for a visitor.
Not just any visitor, but a special, kind one that you had developed feelings for months ago.
You had invited Kiku to come over to your house and he kindly accepted to visit you today.
You couldn't help but think how adorable he was; he was always so gentle and polite towards everyone and you loved his respectful mannerisms and soft-spoken nature. On top of that you found his dark silky hair and chocolate colored eyes so mesmerizing and cute.
You tried so hard to push these thoughts from your head and ignore these absolutely perfect features of his so you wouldn't get nervous in front of Kiku but your heart sped up at the mere thought of him being here any minute.
You suddenly snapped out of your thoughts as you heard a very gentle knock on the door.
Opening the door, you saw Kiku standing outside your doorway in a casual short sleeved shirt and a dark pair of pants.
"Hello ____-san."
"Hi Kiku, please come on in."
:iconjazzberryjinx:JazzberryJinx 210 276
Japan x MewMew!Reader: Part 1
Okay this is based from the manga, Tokyo Mew Mew or the anime version of it, Mew Mew Power.
I haven't really seen it in a long time so bear with me if it's not accurate, I might've changed a few things.
Chills and shudders ran through your body as you remained lying on the floor in a huddled position.
You had been twitching nonstop but suddenly a final nerve in your body was struck, causing you to jolt right up from the flat surface you'd been sleeping on.
'Where am I?' you looked up from where you were slumped on the ground and saw you were in an organized little room.  
You started panicking about not knowing where you are but what you noticed next only added to that.
A warm, fuzzy tail appeared beside you and you shrieked once you realized it was connected to your body. You had a tail!
You started freaking out and put your hands on your head to try and cal
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1. I have a bit of a fanfiction addiction okayy, its COLOSSAL
2. I love hot chocolate/cocoa with mini puffy marshmallows swimming inside and maybe topped with some cream even though I haven't had it in a while, nonetheless.. :icondroolplz:
3. I laugh at the smallest and most random things a lot.
4. I am extremely non-athletic :[
5. This is my first time getting tagged
6. I used to despise sushi but now I really like it soo much :3
7. I enjoy writing (:
8. I find myself watching a lot of things from the '90s and early 2000's.
9. I'm terrified of any bug in general (yes, that includes tap-dancing water crickets).
10. I <3 my friends
11. Glen Coco is my hero (hehe yes I've now just mentioned coco(a) twice in this tag, oh well.. I never realized how obsessed I was with it apparently). What can I say? The stuff is good~

Let's see..... I tag yoooouu:

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