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July 24, 2012
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_____ trudged back and forth, completely lost in the school building. She had been in this high school for a few years now but that didn't change the fact that she still didn't know where a lot of things were, not that she really cared. She was supposed to meet up with a friend on this side of school she rarely visited and couldn't figure out for the life of her where Room 109 would be.

She kept making circles and was in fact considering asking for help or looking at the school map but dismissed that idea. 'I can find it myself.' She thought stubbornly to herself.

______ attended private school where everyone had to wear a stuffy school uniform but she couldn't stand walking around in one so she altered hers. She shortened a few inches from her long plaid skirt, undid a few buttons from her white long-sleeved shirt, and kept on long, knee high socks with a flashy design. School had been over for a while so she couldn't get in trouble for brightening the gloomy appearance of her school wardrobe even if she wanted to.

_____ suddenly spotted a door she didn't pay attention to before and curiously opened it. She peeked inside and noticed-what? Just a couple of students playing chess?
'I must be at chess club.. Seems so boring and dull in here… I wonder how people can even stand it-' Her thought was caught off when she heard a unique British accent travel across the room, seeming to boast about something regarding chess. Curiosity got the best of her as she wandered towards the direction the accent was coming from.

"I told you that you were no match against me. In fact nobody around here has ever beaten me at a single round of chess!" ______ now found the owner of the suave voice and took in his appearance. He had messy blonde hair, breath-taking green eyes that she couldn't look away from, nor would she want to, and a pair of dark bushy eyebrows peeking from under that mob of hair.

"Mind if I give it a try?" ______ asked boldly as she currently stood right behind him.
He turned around and saw a girl with beautiful (h/c) hair and bright (e/c) eyes and then looked down and noticed her alterations to the school uniform. He blushed slightly at this but then replied a bit conceitedly, "Love, you can try but I must inform you, chess is a complicated game that requires a lot of patience and technique as well as concentration and well.. I've never even seen you around here in this club before so I don't know if you-…" He was then cut off by ____.

"Well I don't know about YOU but I have oodles of concentration and skill! And I'll prove to you that I'm capable of beating a self-proclaimed 'Chess pro.' like you." ______ gestured to the opponent sitting opposite from this fellow that it was her turn to play against Arthur. He nodded and gave a 'good-luck-beating-him' look as he got up from his seat and left.

"Alright love, I'm giving you an option to forfeit early."

"I'm not going anywhere, not until I walk out of here after beating you." _____ couldn't stand his snobbish domineer and decided he's going down. She kicked her legs up onto the table in a carefree manner and started to set up the chess pieces.

Arthur on the other hand was a bit annoyed at this unladylike display and thought it was bad manners but started to set up the pieces as well.

~ 15 minutes into the game

"Ready to give up yet?" Arthur asked as he raised his thick eyebrow tauntingly.

"Not even close." _____ had to admit, this had been a very tense game. Each move the opponent made felt weighed with pressure as the other would lock eyes and note each significant detail about the rival and the game itself. _____ felt a pair of green eyes watch her as she started moving another chess piece and tried her best not to look up at them, knowing they'd distract her and make her feel more uneasy.

"I must say, I am quite impressed with how you're doing." Arthur stated.

"Well I used to play chess years ago so my skills are kinda rusty now…" ______ admitted.

"I see. I had no idea you had any experience regarding chess."

"Why? Because I don't come here every day wearing a sweater vest and act superior to everybody else in the room?!" _____ suddenly snapped.

Arthur scowled a bit at this but replied, "I suppose… I'm sorry I judged you."

"It's okay, I'm sorry too…" _____ apologized.

"For what?" Arthur stared up at her.

"For this!!" _____ raised a chess piece confidently to its final destination. "Check mate!" She cheered.

Everybody else in the room turned around shocked when they heard Arthur got defeated by a girl who just happened to stumble into the chess club in the first place. (This apparently spread like wild fire)

He blushed but then snapped, "What are you looking at?!" and the other members soon turned around, snickering a bit silently.

______ got up and went over to Arthur, holding out her hand while asking, "Good game?"

He reluctantly took it but then broke into a smile and shook it as he agreed, "Good game, love."

The once very competitive chess players now laughed heartily but then stopped when a loud, obnoxious voice broke in.
"Dude! I've been searching all over for you! What are you doing playing chess with my geeky brother?"
Arthur glared at Alfred while _____ turned around shocked.
"I got lost and ended up here!" she pointed at Arthur and asked, "He's your brother??"
"Yeah… I'm just as shocked as you are." Both brothers replied in unison.

Alfred took hold of ____'s arm suddenly and said, "C'mon ____! We have to go!"

_____ turned to Arthur and said, "Sorry I gotta go but-" She leaned in closer and planted a short but tender kiss on his lips. "I really enjoyed this. I never thought I'd say this but sign me up for chess club."

Arthur chuckled and said, "Will do, love and I'd like to change my previous statement and say you're the ONLY one in the room that has beaten me in chess."

"I'm honored to hold that title now."
Idk if the reader is exactly considered 'rebellious' or not but i guess in some ways, yes.. I need to work on another Hetalia character reader inserts, I keep finishing & uploading the Iggy ones...
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