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September 6, 2012
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'All done.' You smiled as you zipped up your beige colored bag. Putting away your last piece of luggage, you sighed as you stepped into the car and started the ignition, only just beginning your exciting drive.

You were headed to Niagara Falls!

You smiled as you checked your rear-view mirrors, backing out of the driveway and soon drove out of your neighborhood to miles way beyond. Your friends, Alfred and Matthew, received a short vacation from work a few days ago and decided they should go out somewhere for the weekend. However, they couldn't decide for the love of Feliciano's pasta on where to go for a trip as Alfred kept suggesting places like Gotham City, or Las Vegas, or even McDonald's.  

After a while, you finally came up with an idea to which they both settled on; Niagara Falls. They agreed since it was on the borderline of their homelands and they happily invited you to tag along with them on the soon-to-be very pleasant trip.

You were really eager to see the mystical beauty that Niagara Falls held but you were also excited because this meant you'd be spending some time with Matthew, who you admittedly had a bit of a crush on. He had wavy, blonde hair and a set of beautiful violet eyes that you found so mesmerizing and lively. But what you admired most about him was how kind he was; he never did anything selfish or took advantage of anyone, and always kept such a pure, innocent nature. His heart of gold was what truly made him such a rare gem in this world.

You always tried to make him feel better since it really pained you to see how unappreciated he was and knew he deserved to be more acknowledged than anyone else you ever met.

You quickly snapped out of these thoughts as you shortly spotted the hotel you were going to be staying in and parked right outside it, stepping out of the car and further examining the building.

It was taller than you imagined, towering many feet above you and had light grey walls along with many windows running across it. You went inside the building and over to the front desk to check out your room.  You knew Al arranged a room with two beds for Matthew and himself while you got your own room a few doors down.

"I hope you enjoy your stay here." A woman with dark, curly hair tied into a bun and a bright smile plastered to her face said in a really cheery tone as she handed you your room card.

"Thank you." You smiled back and headed to the hallway in search of your room.

'Okay, Room 213…. Where is it…?' You wandered down the long, trailing hallways, trying to find the room you were staying in.

'Ah, here it is.' You stopped in front of a chestnut brown door and slid the thin card through the slot planted on the handle of the door and pulled it, making your way into the room. It was a small room, but it was very cute. Luxurious, soft sheets draped a little bed and were neatly tucked in, casting over the pure, fluffy cotton underneath. Standing beside the bed were two chairs with bright cushions admiring the view outside the window. You peeked outside and noticed a pretty good view of the waterfalls from where you stood and looked out in awe.

You soon wheeled some of your luggage next to the chairs and dropped the rest onto the bed.  It was still morning, but noon was about to kick in soon. You decided to check and see if the breakfast room was still available since you haven't really had much to eat so far today. Your stomach started yelling at you to get a move on so you ventured down the halls until you found the breakfast room. 'I'll unpack later…' you decided.

You didn't expect to see so many people crammed inside the small room and how they were all able to fit truly baffled you. 'They must've also gotten breakfast at the last minute too…' you thought as you grabbed a plate and waited in line for some food to satisfy your tummy.
Grabbing some toast, you went over for some fresh pancakes being laid out over the counter.

Suddenly you felt a soft hand brush beside yours as you reach for the maple syrup bottle.
"S-sorry- Oh hi, _____." You looked up to see a familiar set of shimmering purple eyes.
"Hey Mattie!" You beamed as you saw the tall Canadian holding out a stake of pancakes on his plate.

Pretty soon you both looked down to see Matthew's hand still rested by yours, causing you to both blush lightly.
"Sorry, h-here..." he removed his hand quickly as he started using it to pour the syrup over your pancake before drenching his fresh layers of pancakes in it.
"Thanks." You couldn't help but giggle softly at his (obvious) obsession with pancakes and maple syrup and decided it must be a Canadian thing.

You both chatted a bit while continuing to walk down the breakfast line, side by side.  Filling up the final spot left on your plate, you turn around to stare blankly at all the crowded tables.
"_____? Me and Al got a table over there." Matthew pointed towards a table farther from your line of vision that seemed to have magically appeared.
"Oh, I see it now. Hey Al!" you called over to your extremely hyper friend, who was sitting by the table, scarfing down waffles like there was no tomorrow. He quickly looked up midway with a waffle hanging out of his mouth as he heard your voice.
"______! Dude!" Alfred got up from his seat and ran over to you, giving you a hug so tight that it nearly made your breakfast plate descent. "You're here!"
"Yep and easy there, Al. You're going to make me drop my entire breakfast.." you gripped onto your plate tightly as all three of you walked over to the table you'd be sitting at.

"So I see you two both got pancakes with maple syrup…." Alfred tried to say casually but it just came out as light teasing. Well-lit pink hues spread across your face at the sound of his tone; you never flat out told him that you really liked his brother but he often gave not-so-subtle hints in return that he got the message quite clearly.
"Y-yeah we did…" Matthew said a bit gingerly.
"So are you guys excited about going to see Niagara Falls?" you asked, hoping to change the subject and in all honesty you were pretty interested anyways.

"You know it, dude! I can't wait to ride the Falls!" Al exclaimed excitedly while raising his arms in the air for emphasis.
"Ride the Falls?" you quirked an eyebrow.
"You know, the Maid of the Mist ride!"
"Al, that's not really a ride-"
Matthew just gave you a 'don't-even-bother look' from where he was seated. You nodded and soon took another bite of your pancake.
It tasted so delicious and sweet, and the maple syrup helped to warmly enhance each bite you took. A light smile spread to your face at the heavenly breakfast, but was quickly gone as you shot Alfred a glare or two since he noticed how much you were enjoying your Canadian meal and seemed to be on the verge of making a remark about it.
After you finished your breakfast, you got up from your seat and started to excuse yourself. "Well I better go finish unpacking; I'll see you guys later."
"Okay. Bye ____. We're just a few doors down the hall if you need anything." Matthew said softly. "Thanks, Mattie. Bye, guys!" you smiled as you waved and started to walk back to your hotel room.

A few hours later you all went out to explore different places outside the hotel since you were going to officially visit Niagara Falls tomorrow.

"Let's go to Butterfly World next!" you cheered excitedly while holding the map in your hands.
"No way, dude! That's too girly!"
"We can go to McDonald's afterwards-"

You and Matthew both laughed as you were currently watching Alfred chase a group of colorful butterflies indoors, claiming they can't outrun the hero.
"And he was worried about being seen doing something girly…" you rolled your eyes and soon giggled as Matt started taking snapshots of the thousands of butterflies roaming around and of you now laughing at Al getting chased by them.

You borrowed the camera afterwards and took some pictures yourself, feeling happy when you noticed how many pictures the camera captured of Matthew with a true genuine smile that day.

After all the different stops made nearby, you all saw it was dusk already and headed back to the hotel, bidding each other goodnight and calling it a day.

Lying in bed with the rich sheets pulled up to your shoulders, you could feel a smile sneak onto your face as you lay with your eyes shut, slowly drifting to sleep.

Knock knock

The soft thumping on your door lightly snapped you out of your short dreaming and you slowly arose from your bed a bit hazily.

You opened the door to see none other than Matthew hunched over against the door. He was standing in grey sweatpants and a red t-shirt with lengthy sleeves and a white maple leaf printed on it.

"Mattie? What are you doing here? Did something happen..?" you asked, now fully awake.

The shy boy squirmed a bit as he ran a hand nervously on the back of his neck. "Um-well…. Al accidentally locked me out of the room.... I mean, I tried knocking on the door but I'm pretty sure he's asleep.."

You wouldn't be surprised if Alfred missed the sound of his brother knocking on the door since Matthew's knocking was as gentle and quiet as he was, which you adored.

"I thought I heard him snoring rooms away.." you mumbled, earning a few giggles from Matt. The awkwardness of the situation died down a bit until you remembered why he was standing here in the first place.
His head hung low and flushed completely bright red, Matthew continued just barely above a whisper, "So c-could I sleep here for the night?"  
"Of course, Mat-" you stopped mid-sentence once you processed what this meant. The bed you were sleeping on was pretty small for two people and there wouldn't be too much room between the two of you… plus this meant sharing a bed with Mattie.

Matthew saw your gaze averted to the bed behind you and quickly stuttered out, "I-I can sleep on the chair, if y-you want! Maybe even on the floor, that would be fine with me, ___-"
"No, you should sleep in a bed. It'll be fine…" you confirmed calmly even though you knew how bright pink your face currently was, which was luckily concealed in the dark.

Walking over to your side of the bed, you could hear quiet shuffling as the Canadian made his way over to the other half of the bed. Trying to steady your heart that was beating out of control, you took a deep breath but nothing could really stop the butterflies fluttering inside you like crazy.

You could feel each other's warmth radiated off your bodies even though you both inched a way for good measure. There was some silence but you couldn't sleep with so many emotions going through your mind.

Suddenly you heard some soft murmuring of words come from Matthew's side and questioned it. You ignored it until it became evident enough and finally asked, "Mattie, did you say something?"

"Um… yes, I just- had a lot of fun today." He laughed a bit nervously before trailing off, "______, I know this is going to sound awkward but I r-really, really like you.."

You tilted your head abruptly, now fully facing Matthew and wrapped your arms around him on impulse.

He smiled warmly at you and accepted the gesture, bringing himself closer to your body.
"Mattie, I really like you too." You whispered as you started stroking his soft, luscious hair absentmindedly, feeling the smooth locks brush against your hand. After a while of rubbing your hands through the same spots of his hair, you scooped up a thin curl that was wilting cutely and lightly twirled it around your finger.  

Without any warning, Matthew took over the lead position as he pressed you against his chest and enclosed you in his arms protectively, sending off the sugary scent of maple syrup and kissed your cheek lovingly. You started wondering what would've happened if you tugged his curl any harder but pushed this to the back of your mind and decided to find out another time. Right now you were both drifting off into sleep in each other's soft embrace and were having sweet dreams together.

The next morning you woke up to find yourself with a tender arm still wrapped around you affectionately.
"Morning, Mattie." You said softly as you looked up at his vivid eyes that were beginning to open.
"Good morning, ____." He whispered sweetly.

You went over to the bathroom and started to get dressed since the breakfast room was just starting to open. You both walked outside your door as you were headed to the lobby.
"Uh I'll be right there, _____. You go on without me." Mattie reassured you calmly.
"Okay. I'll save you some pancakes too." You smiled as you soon left the hallway and walked over to the breakfast room.

"Alfred! Alfred!" Matthew started knocking on his door softly, which opened right away to his surprise.
"Alfred, you locked me out last night..! I had to stay at _____'s room overnight.." He blushed a light shade of pink at the last statement.
"You're welcome, dude." Alfred winked and walked out of the hallway as well, leaving the flustered boy standing by the half open hotel door.

~~ Extended ending

Soft fingers brushed against yours as you and your official boyfriend watched the beautiful waterfalls stream outside. You rested your head against his shoulder as you felt the soft mist tickle your faces softly. "I love Niagara Falls, Mattie." You breathed out softly, still in pure awe.
"Me too, _____. Me too." He smiled as the ship started to rock a bit, causing Alfred to jolt right up and be more excited about the 'slow ride' he was on.
This is a contest entry for :iconpurpleflowerribbons: 's Contest. Sorry if its either a bit rushed or drags on at some parts, I was in a hurry to write this plus I feel like I repeated some words a lot like "you", etc. so I might need some editing... ^^;

Yay for Niagara Falls :)

~ I don't own Hetalia or Canada sadly.
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