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July 24, 2012
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"Here we are." You smiled as you led your boyfriend to your new room.
You had moved to another neighborhood due to it being a better location and overall a much better area since it cost less than your previous residence and already looked livelier, making it a great deal. You happily decided to invite Matthew over to your brand new house, to which he agreed.

He followed you up the stairs not too long ago and now stood gazing at your bedroom.

"I really like it, _____. It's cute." He smiled sincerely as he noticed how organized you kept everything and the warm mood your room gave off.

"Thank you, Mattie. Feel free to explore!" You nudged him a bit excitedly.

"Okay." He started to walk over to the first thing that caught his eye: A drawing you did months ago of the Canadian flag to represent your Canadian boyfriend, taped to your wall. He traced his hand over the piece of paper and flipped it over, seeing messages you guys wrote to each other on the back of it. He smiled at the memory and walked over to your desk.

There was a small jar full of gumballs along with a picture frame containing a photo of you and Matthew together taken a long time ago and a box with an interesting pattern running across it.

"Hey ____, what's inside this box?" Matthew asked politely as he pointed to it, deciding not to open it unless you gave him permission to.

"Oh, I have a big Lip Smacker collection stored in that box." You walked over to where Matthew was standing and opened the box, showing him an array of different types of lip balms and lip gloss. "See?"

That's when an idea suddenly hit you.

"Hey Mattie, wanna play a fun game?" You started to smirk.

"Sure, _____." He smiled innocently.

"Okay, its called Guess-That-Flavor! The rules are simple, first you have to close your eyes.."

The adorable Canadian did as he was told and closed his eyes shut, beaming as he started to catch on.

You randomly picked Bubble Gum flavored Lip Smacker and started to apply it on your lips. Leaning in forward, you planted a soft kiss against his smooth, tender lips and was about to pull away but then Matthew kissed back right away, gently caressing your lips with his as you sampled his own sweet maple syrupy flavor in exchange. You closed your eyes as well and savored the kiss as it continued for a bit longer until you both opened your eyes.  

"So… did you catch what flavor that was?"

Mattie chuckled lightly and answered, "I'm going to have to go with Bubble Gum."

"Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Okay Mr. Williams, you win a bonus prize, come on over." You led him back to your Lip Smacker collection as you instructed him to pick his favorite flavor.

He stood there unsure, seeming to like all his choices but you told him to pick his absolute favorite.

He finally pointed to a maple syrup flavored lip gloss he didn't notice right away, which you instantly applied to your lips after removing the previous flavor. You pressed your lips against his again, and felt the corners of his lips tug upwards, knowing he was smiling into the kiss. 'How cute.' You thought and started doing the same.

You couldn't help but giggle when you both pulled away from the sweet but loving kiss as you noticed how shiny your boyfriend's lips now looked due to the lip gloss. He looked away shyly and was about to wipe it off his mouth but couldn't bring himself to do so since he enjoyed that flavor so much.

"So would you like a free sample of my newest addition to the collection?"

His violet eyes instantly lit up and he started smiling brightly again; oh Mattie knew what this meant.

More Lip Smacker kisses!
I love Lip Smackers!!! :3 finally a different Hetalia character insert instead of another Iggy one since i've been mainly writing those. i'm going to write more Canada ones cuz he's awesome! (:

I don't own Lip Smackers or Matthew Williams. He & Hetalia belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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JazzberryJinx Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
I have a collection of them, its so fun collecting em (: aw thanks!!
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Collect the soda-flavored ones, and try the Coke one! It smells AND tastes good! :D
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