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August 3, 2012
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-Sniffle sniffle-  *cough*

You could hear him all the way from upstairs. Your boyfriend had been sick for the past week and you vowed to him and yourself to take care of him until he was back to feeling well again. You couldn't help but think how cute he was, trying desperately to hide his coughs and sneezing from you; not wanting to worry you at all.

You suddenly heard footsteps coming from upstairs and saw the adorable Canadian himself with a red and white Canadian flag blanket wrapped over his body and fuzzy polar bear slippers on his feet. He walked over to where you were standing in the kitchen and mustered a smile, even though you knew how sick he's been feeling.

You reached for a teaspoon over the counter and started filling it up with maple syrup.

"Here's some of your medicine, Mattie."  You giggled as you turned around to playfully spoon feed him a quick sample of the sweet syrup before pouring it over some pancakes you made for him.
You knew how much pancakes with maple syrup cheered him up and that's definitely what he needed right now, to at least feel better on the inside.

"Wow, ____. You made this all for me..?" he asked astonished. You nodded happily as you handed him the plate.

He broke out in a huge genuine smile as he thanked you and took a seat at the kitchen table, offering you one of the pancakes you made specifically for him. You shook your head and watched him happily take a bite of his pancakes. Soon little beads of maple syrup were marked around his lips and near his cheek.

You walked over to where Matthew was seated and leaned in right beside him, your faces now in close proximity.

"_____, what are you doing? I don't want you to get sick.." He said a bit concerned.

"I'll take my chances." You giggled as you gently kissed away the sugary syrup on parts of his face.

He blushed a bit and soon finished eating up his last pancake. "Thank you for the breakfast, _____. It was really good." Mattie smiled warmly at you.

"It was nothing, Mattie. I-" you were caught off by some coughing fits from your boyfriend, who tried to get it under control but you just urged him to get it out of his system as much as he needs to.

"Maybe you should lie down and rest.." you suggested after he stopped coughing.

He meekly nodded and started to head back upstairs. You sighed to yourself, you just hated seeing him sick..

Putting the plate away in the sink and washing off the small, syrupy left over, you soon went upstairs too.

You quietly opened the door and saw Matthew already lying in bed all wrapped up under the covers and half his face buried into the pillow.

You took a seat right beside him, gently running your hand over his back. He looked up a bit surprised, not expecting you near him so soon but smiled weakly. You started to brush his soft, light blonde bangs away from his face and placed your hand across his forehead.

It was so warm; you couldn't believe how high his temperature was. Matthew's face was bright red and soon he saw your worried expression. "_____-" He was cut off as you placed your index finger in front of his lips, gently quieting him. There was some silence as you sat beside him, still trying to comfort him.

"____, you don't have to stay here, I really don't want you to get sick because of me." he said barely above a whisper.

"I'm staying right here, Mattie. I want to stay here and take care of you.." He saw the certainty in your eyes and finally gave in.

"Thank you, ____. It means so much to me."  He smiled and slowly starting falling asleep, his hand clasped in yours.

"Get well, soon, Mattie.." you whispered and placed a sweet kiss on his forehead as you watched him sleep peacefully.

~~ Days later, your boyfriend was feeling all better again.

"Thanks so much for taking care of me, _____. I really appreciate it." He smiled sincerely at you.
"Mattie, it was nothing. You know I'll always take care of you. You've always been there for me.." You smiled, burying your face into the fabric of his shirt as you hugged him. He wrapped his arms around you, hugging you right back. There was a moment of pleasant silence as you both stayed in that position until your boyfriend spoke up quietly.

"Hey ____, how about we go out to IHop, my treat?"
You giggled, thinking how he never seems to be able to get tired of pancakes with maple syrup.
"Okay…" you agreed, even though you felt a bit guilty since he really didn't have to after being sick and you did what any normal person should do. You wanted to take care of the Canadian, because you love him.
"You know, I've never been to IHop before…." Tapping your chin, you tried to recall a time when you went there.  Matthew's violet eyes enlarged a bit as surprise washed over him.
"Never? I didn't know that, ____."  He gently scooped you up bridal style, surprising you but nonetheless making you smile widely.  "We'll have to change that." He said softly as he carried you out the door towards the nearest IHop.
Might need to change the title, I thought of it on the spot. :iconemocanadaplz: Poor poor Canada, can't stand the thought of him being sick. :(
I don't own anything, sadly that includes IHOP :'c
Matthew Williams & Hetalia belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
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Isn't IHOP American though?
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